What We Do

What We Do

What We Offer

We help you and your people transform life at work from just about surviving to positively thriving.

I’ve worked with Elliot a number of times in different businesses. I have always found his honest and straight forward approach very effective. He consistently manages to open up conversations across many complex areas and creates an environment where everybody feels included and comfortable to speak up.

Kate Tinsley – CEO
MKM Building Supplies

Maximising Workplace Potential

What We Do

We focus on how people do things: how you can function at your best, how you work with your colleagues and how you can all deliver excellent results.

We have found that too many people in organisations are simply surviving – just ‘getting by’ at work. We want to see people thriving so they get the best out of themselves, more of the time.

We work with individuals and groups of people to improve levels of effectiveness, productivity and enjoyment at work. We encourage you and your team to reflect on what you do well and what has brought you success. In pinpointing your achievements, we help you to harness your individual winning skills and behaviours time and again. The result? You feel more fulfilled in your work and able to inspire colleagues and clients while improving company profitability in the process.

How We Do It

We set out to disrupt!

We challenge accepted ways of working, thinking and behaving so you develop sustainable alternative approaches to getting things done. Our goal is to transform your operations, so that when we leave, daily reality is noticeably better for you, your team and your organisation – forget ‘perfect’; strive for ‘excellence’!

We want to build your organisation’s collective skills, talents and abilities so you can ‘self-disrupt’. We equip you with the tools to assess for yourselves whether yesterday’s solutions can automatically be relied upon for tomorrow’s challenges.

We encourage people to experiment with how they do things and routinely review whether their new approaches are better, simpler, faster or cheaper than previous ways of operating.

The Way We Work

Each service we provide is tailored to meet the specific opportunities, needs and challenges of our clients. We are able to draw upon a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to ensure that we can truly make a tangible difference to your organisation.

We work with you to define and refine your brief. During a discovery stage, we speak to those who are going to be directly impacted by our work, as well as the people who are briefing us.

We then work with you to determine the best method of delivering our strategy, whether through one-to-one coaching sessions, one-off workshops or longer-term development programmes. We challenge ourselves to offer ideas that are simple and immediately practicable.

Changing World

So much has changed since 2020. People are your most prized asset, but the uncertainty of recent global events has made it harder to anticipate just how to meet their needs and expectations. We can explore ways to build organisational resilience to guard against future unexpected adversity.

How ARL Is Different

We spend so much of our lives working. At ARL, our passion is to support and encourage  organisations to create environments where people flourish, learn and grow, so they can carry out meaningful work in a safe, happy and creative manner.

Everyone who works for ARL has had real-world work experience. We understand the demands, pressures and challenges that working lives bring. Many of us at ARL have children. As such, we place wellbeing at the front and centre of all we do. Our vision is to encourage organisations to be  as people-friendly as possible. We prompt those in leadership positions to see if they would feel comfortable and confident to send their own loved ones to work in their organisations.

Our combined decades’ worth of training, qualifications, knowledge and experience enables us to create engaging, fun and dynamic programmes that will help the people in your organisation build the confidence to make the changes required in an ever-changing world.

Why Choose ARL

  • We have all worked within businesses before becoming consultants, so know what it’s like to face the challenges of everyday corporate life
  • We are purpose-driven individuals and want to make a genuine difference to your experience at work
  • We believe in what we do and only work with ideas and principles that get results
  • We are confident in our expertise, so are happy to support you achieve your goals and to challenge you when we disagree
  • We have years of experience working in different sectors, at different levels within businesses and in different countries

Call us on +44 (0)7963 770 611 or drop us an email to see how we can help you.

About Us

We want your people to enjoy their work. Happy employees and happy customers create a successful company!

Our Values

Knowing what we’re all about makes decision making so much easier and promotes a positive experience all round.