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Tesse is an internationally acknowledged leadership and governance strategist, coach, facilitator and mentor who has led and developed governance improvement programmes, focusing on effective governance programmes, leadership transformation, diversity, equity, equality and inclusion initiatives and attitudinal change. Tesse’s speciality is compassionate accountability, wellbeing, wellness and resilience. She is passionate about talent development, building skills for personal and professional growth, coaching and mentoring for personal and professional achievement.

She has worked with a range of organisations across the UK, particularly non-profit and social sector organisations. Tesse has extensive experience of working in the US, Canada, South Africa, Europe and Australia. A solicitor (non-practicing), she is a lead governance consultant for Bates Wells London LLP (trading as Bates Wells), a City Law firm.  She is a podcaster, hosting two podcasts, TesseTalks and TesseLeads, both with have notched over 100,000 impressions since their launch. On LinkedIn over 118 people have taken the opportunity to appreciate the unique way Tesse delivers her services.

Tesse spent many years working as head of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and has served as a Commissioner for the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), a Non-Executive Director for two NHS organisations for two Health Trust and as a trustee and advisor to large charities. She has served in a variety of leadership roles. Her experience and insights gained from her strategic roles offers her the ability to see things from a practical, real world point of view making Tesse exceptional – someone who can talk pragmatically, from solid real-life experience. Tesse has encountered a lot of challenges from childhood, growing up in Northern Ireland to the tragic killing of her brother in a hit and run incident while serving the NHS. Her lived experience fuels her compassion and desire for quality assurance, equity, equality and inclusion.

As a professionally trained coach, facilitator, mediator and Chartered Secretary, Tesse has supported many senior management professionals in areas such as career and personal development, governing effectively, maintaining a work and non-work life balance, building confidence levels, team dynamics, leading and managing inclusively and dealing with under performance as well as attaining high performance.  Delivering services with a smile, and a sense of fun, Tesse is a confident and compassionate facilitator and has experience working at Board, director and management levels.

Tesse is passionate about encouraging people to realise and grow their talents so they can make a real, positive difference to themselves and to the organisations in which they work. In 2021, Tesse was spotlighted by the Chartered Governance Institute (CGI) as a leading Governance Professional during Black History Month. She was shortlisted as Governance Champion of the Year in 2021. In 2022, the Chartered Governance Institute spotlighted Tesse as a Senior Woman Leader on International Women’s Day. 

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