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Suzanne Weiniger

Suzanne Weiniger


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Suzanne is a Registered Health Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, supporting people to put themselves back at the centre of their own lives – helping them feel and look better than they ever thought possible.

Suzanne has a wide range of experience in stress reduction, energy levels, focus, weight loss, hormone balance, emotional eating and sleep quality. Suzanne is also a breathing coach and uses this in her practice helping clients to cope with stress more effectively in their lives reducing any negative impact of stress on health.

Her holistic approach to health brings clarity, direction and positive support for her clients.
By identifying where change is wanted, setting clear and achievable goals, and holding clients accountable she has found a way to help clients bridge the gap of where they are now and where they visualise being long term.

Through working one to one, she helps you to simply navigate the emotional and informational minefield of stress reduction, eating and exercise so you can feel amazing every day and live life to your fullest. Suzanne’s past professional experiences include a Cambridge history degree, an analyst job in the Civil Service and delivering adult education.  This wide experience has given her the opportunity to develop her analytical abilities, work with people across a variety of backgrounds and hone her communication skills.

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For a business coach to be successful, they need to identify and relate effortlessly with their subject. Elliot carries himself in such a natural, calm and humble manner, that it makes all engagement very easy. More than anything, his confidentiality is second to none. Engagement such as this can be personally revealing, and at times highly emotive. Elliot always provides the ‘safest’ and most secure environment and this has never wavered. 

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