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Since 1999 Barbie has helped hundreds of clients in Asia and Europe, from corporate, commercial, charity and start-ups to those making personal speeches to address anxieties or goals around public speaking and presentations. So that they feel more confident about their ability to deliver these in a way that’s both authentic and impactful.

Barbie Goldfoot is a public speaking and presentation specialist with a degree in Performing Arts and a Postgraduate in Dramatherapy. In addition, she has been a sexual health educator, a trainer in mental health has helped the neurodiverse, and worked directly with refugees.

This means Barbie has the skills and techniques to help others deliver a speech or presentation and an understanding of the challenges that these personal or professional occasions can create. Hence her motto ‘no jargon, no judgement’ and her bespoke approach-based. The three C’s – CONFIDENCE – CLARITY – CHARISMA.

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Elliot has a relaxed and positive facilitative style, quickly tuning into the group and sensing individual needs and mindsets. He can gain the respect of the biggest egos and draw out those with the smallest. 

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  • We have all worked within businesses before becoming consultants, so know what it’s like to face the challenges of everyday corporate life
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  • We have years of experience working in different sectors, at different levels within businesses and in different countries

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