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“ I have had the pleasure of working with Elliot on Team events and co-tutoring on Leadership Courses, and previously been a delegate on a course that Elliot co-tutored. He operates from an intuitive level, is curious from a delegates perspective.

Elliot creates an environment of trust and integrity when working with groups of people. He is very perceptive in terms of his audience and matches their needs, with his very easy and flexible style.

Elliot has a natural "coaching" style, and is a pleasure to work with.”

Personnel Manager
Tesco Stores Limited


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“ I have been working with Paula on various organisational development projects for nearly three years latterly developing a new after-sales senior management team for BDR Thermea in the UK.

Paula is an all round HR practitioner with a particular skill set in developing people. Furthermore, her very well rounded business skills ensure that we don’t end up with a ‘touchy feely’ approach with limited linkage to real business benefits. She is a grounded individual and commands the respect of those working with her.

The growth of the after sales team and its recent externally recognised successes, are a testament to the hard work and professionalism of Paula as well as that of the senior management team.”

Customer Service Director
BDR Thermea


“ When the company restructured in 2009, I took responsibility to lead across many European cultures within a newly developed leadership team and against a tough economic climate. Faced with new challenges and a vastly different political landscape I turned to Elliot for support throughout my transition.

He has helped me to navigate my journey with purpose using reflective techniques and helped enable a far smoother personal transition.
Elliot’s flexible attitude has helped tremendously in crystallising what I’ve felt with each challenge faced and enabled me to make decisions that has improved the outcome.

I’m very grateful for the level of support that I’ve received from Elliot, he has helped me find the necessary drivers to improve my working relationships and feel more fulfilled as a result.”

European Sales Director
Edwards Lifesciences


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“ Paula worked for me as an HRD in a major international business division at Novar plc through a difficult trading time with significant business and HR issues. Paula's pragmatic and professional HR expertise enabled us to secure the future of the business, steering through the difficult times, cutting costs, designing a new organisation and strengthening the team. I have also sought Paula's support in my current business as a consultant on organisational change and post-acquisition integration. I value Paula's contribution as an HR professional. She has a common sense approach managing people and business issues with integrity and creativity, giving robust workable solutions.”


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“ Paula was a great business partner when we were both at Novar. Now that I am working in Australia Paula would be the first person that I would call in respect of any UK Human resources solutions requirements”

Chief Financial Officer
Clough Limited


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“ Working with Elliot on a one-to-one basis has enabled me to reflect honestly on what I need to focus on to prepare myself for bigger challenges in the future.

During every session, we focus on different areas and the feedback I have received since I started working with Elliot has proved that our sessions have definitely benefited me.

On a personal level, Elliot is very easy to talk to, demonstrably empathises with my views and has a good sense of humour and this has made it very easy to develop a good working relationship.”

Financial Controller
London Luton Airport


“ Working with Paula as an associate partner has been a pleasure. Paula's personal style and customer focus mean that clients enjoy working with her. The value she adds mean that they continue to ask for her support. Paula has made a significant contribution to both clients and the business - she has enabled us to provide greater strategic HR support with inputs on talent strategy and leadership development. Paula has worked with us to develop our products and service as well as introducing new clients to our software and thus helping us to develop our business.”



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“ Elliot Weider is one of the best professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. He has a unique flair to his facilitation style which is extremely engaging. His knowledge of leadership is second to none and his techniques are powerful to those open to change. I’m extremely pleased with the work he had done in delivering the HCA Leadership Programme, as both he and the Programme have received consistently excellent feedback.”

Head of Learning and Development
HCA International